Lake St Clair Fly Fishing Guide Service
With Captain Steve Kunnath
Here are some articles about fly fishing on Lake St Clair for muskie, smallmouth bass,pike,
and carp

This is an article that has plenty of information and new techniques for fly fishing for musky. For years it was
thought that fly fishing for muskie was extremely difficult to do and hard to catch. Check out this article and see
how fly fishing for musky is quickly  adapting and becoming very popular and productive.
Fly Fishing For Musky On Lake St Clair   

Join Jeff Selser as he writes  about his fly fishing for musky adventures on Lake St Clair.
Lake St Clair Musky Hunt With Jeff Selser

Whether your fly fishing for pike in Michigan or Alaska, this article will have what your looking for.
Fly Fishing for Northern Pike

Two very informative articles on fly fishing for smallmouth bass.
Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass 2008

Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass 2003

Fly fishing for carp is quickly gaining a great deal of attention amongst fly fisherman in America. This article
can gives insight to why this is happening and lots of information on how to get started in fly fishing for carp.
Fly Fishing For Carp

Join the guys from the former Flymart Flyshop team while fly fishing for carp on Lake St Clair during an
episode with Michigan Out Of Doors. Theres plenty of action packed fly fishing for carp in this 15 minute
segment. Guaranteed to change your mind about this stereotypical garbage fish.
Watch The Fly Fishing For Carp Video